Steering Committee:

  • Les Johnson, ARCHS Vice President of Family Support Initiatives
  • Donna King, Missouri Division of Probation & Parole


  • Center for Women in Transition
  • Concordance
  • Criminal Justice Ministry
  • Employment Connection
  • Places for People
  • Saint Louis University
  • State of Missouri (Departments of Corrections, Mental Health, and Social Services)
  • St. Louis Agency on Training & Employment
  • St. Louis City (Departments of Family Court, Justice Services, and Police)
  • St. Louis County (Departments of Justice Services and Police)
  • University of Missouri-St. Louis
  • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
  • U.S. Probation

STAR Subcommittees: 
STAR welcomes and actively promotes involvement in the strategic coordination and sharing of resources to enhance reentry programming in Greater St. Louis.
  • Membership Engagement & Growth
  • Community Awareness & Partnerships
  • Resource Development